Travel and stay

How to travel and where to stay?

Your teacher or international coordinator can help you apply and help you go through all the practical matters concerning your stay abroad, such as travel, accommodation and insurance. 

Where to stay and what to bring?

You are welcome to organize your own accommodation. The partner college may be of help organizing accommodation for you. For example, at a hostel, college dormitory or with a host family. In some accommodations meals are included. In some countries all students get free meals at school.

In most cases, you are expected to arrive on Sunday and start the study module on Monday morning. If you arrive before Sunday,  you need to make sure that you can have access to the college accommodation at that time. This is not always possible, so make certain before you book your flight.

Enquire with the partner college what kind of working clothes and safety equipment you should bring. The partner college will give you the tools you need to do the study module.