Customer service


In this module you will learn about and how to perceive factors affecting customer experiences. You will also learn how to acquire customer experiences in diverse fields of business and to understand the importance of customer satisfaction. The module includes also information of sustainable development and several key figures in businesses, as well as how to develop those figures with your own actions.

The exchange project consists of a virtual part period online for 4 weeks (1 hour weekly) and is followed by a two-week school period in Finland. The virtual part of the project will include connecting with the people involved and getting instructions of doing preliminary tasks

For the visitation part you will

  • attend lectures
  • participate in workshops
  • visit local companies
  • take part to cultural activities

This project will allow you to broaden your horizons and develop an understanding of a different European culture.

Afterwards you can have an internship in a local company or short job-shadowing period if you want.

Student manual

TitleExploring Customer Service and Profitability
DescriptionIn this module, the students will learn about and how to perceive factors affecting customer experiences, and how to acquire customer experiences in diverse fields of business. The students will learn to understand several key figures in businesses, how to affect those figures with their own actions, as well as to recognize various other tools of business competition.
Learning outcomesAfter following this module, You will be (skills)   Aware of different customer types and service models Know about factors affecting customer experiences and ways to acquire feedback Know about business competition and key figures   You will know more about: (knowledge)   Paying attention to different customer types and service models Monitoring the main key figures related to business operation and Assessing business profitability How to collect and process customer feedback Using English both in oral and written work-related situations   You will gain (competences or attitude):   For working in a goal-oriented manner in a group as well as independently Knowing how to give and receive feedback and develop your work accordingly Have the ability to report on the results of observations and questionnaires Has an understanding of innovation in a business development context Communication skills and experience  
School: Responsible teacher: E-mail:To be filled out by the sending school
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 Detailed program

Preparation (Virtual/at home) Over 4-week period (online) – 1 hour per weekly
Week 1 
Week 2      sustainable development  
Evaluation     Group/self evaluation  (assessment form)
Task 1Orientation (Virtual online)
GoalExploring the project
ActivitiesHave contact with the class abroad, know the people you’ll be working with and explore the program. Getting familiar with welcoming materials given in Moodle
ResultParticipants will know the main points of the project and something about each other and about school/Kuopio/Finland
AssignmentTell the group about yourself
Task 2Preparation (Virtual online preparation – presented in Finland)
GoalParticipants will know something about each other school and country
ActivitiesPrepare information about their school and education, city they live in, what is typical to your life and hobbies  
ResultParticipants will know something about each other
Assignment Create a presentation
Task 2Preparation (Virtual online preparation – presented in Finland)
GoalSelect a local company (to present them in Finland later) making sure they know the most important aspects of it
ActivitiesSelect a company in the field of either a.) hospitality and catering e.g. restaurant or other service b.) leisure activities eg. eBike sales, canoeing, trekking, sports. Make notes of how they approach their customer care, sustainable development, how they measure customer satisfaction, and what are the companies’ key figures ie. turnover and number of outlets etc.  
ResultStudents are aware of the companies’ key aspects
Assignment Students will pick a suitable company and create notes about it; possibly in video format
Task 3Realisation (Finland)
GoalTo understand customer experience before, during and after a visit to a company
ActivitiesLecture on presales, customer service and after sales. Study various companies online via their presence on Instagram, Facebook and commercials in social media and elsewhere to understand their pre-sales image and selling points
ResultStudents are aware of the company image and the factors affecting customer experiences
AssignmentStudy 2-3 companies online; their social media and webpage presence and make notes of their image and selling points (the lecturer will provide the companies to be studied)
Task 4Realisation
GoalTo understand key figures of companies and how to examine them
ActivitiesLecture on key figures followed by student tasks and activities analysing them
ResultStudents are aware of various factors affecting company turnover and profitability
AssignmentIn groups, students will interpret and explain statistical data on companies (provided by the lecturer)
Task 5Realisation
GoalTo learn to create Microsoft forms
ActivitiesCreate a feedback form using microsoft forms tool.
ResultStudents are aware of how to collect feedback by using this tool and importance of customer service and what issues need to be addressed and paid attention to
AssignmentIn groups, students will study how to create a feedback instrument (using Microsoft forms) and practice how to collect and analyse results.
Task 6Realisation
GoalComparing companies in the same field of business
ActivitiesVisiting local companies of the same field as companies studied in preliminary task and studying them to prepare comparison of companies
ResultStudents are aware of main aspects of competition and their importance and variation
AssignmentVisit local companies, study their service policies and operations, and create a comparison presentation about them and the companies they studied in preliminary task locally
Task 7Realisation
GoalTo understand the importance of sustainable development and responsibility
ActivitiesStudying sustainable development as used by various companies and their policies
ResultStudents are aware of main aspects of sustainable development and responsibility and take those issues on to account
AssignmentVisit local companies and make an interview or study their sustainable development and responsibility
Task 8Evaluation
GoalTo think about what was learned and what was the outcome
ActivitiesCreating a presentation on the things learned and dealt
ResultStudents will summarise what was done and reinforce their presentation, teamwork and technical skills in creating presentations
AssignmentCreate a presentation on the content learned and dealt with; present it to the class.  Students/teachers from participating schools can join online for presentations or presentation can be recorded