On this website we will be making use of the EMEU concept developed by Horizon College in the Netherlands, together with other European VET centres.

From virtual to real fysical exchanges between students from Ireland, Finland and the Netherlands.

In 2020 a project was started between Graafschap College Management Assistant level 4 and LOETB Tullamore Business studies level 6 in Ireland. The project has been running for three years now. Students work together in groups on assignments to do with team work and international collaboration.

Feedback from students has been largely positive. Students appreciate the opportunity to work with students from another country and improve their English.

The above project has provided a basis for the further development of our EMEU concept. Since we started it, we have developed three more online projects. One with Paralegal students level 4 and LOETB Tullamore Social studies level 5 and one with Graafschap College Financial studies level 4 and SAVO Finland Business studies. The latter work on a project about International Finance and the former on a project about Intercultural Studies. The latest addition to our partnership has been Carlow Institute of Further Education and training in Ireland.

This website is about our virtual and physical exchanges for next schoolyear (2023-2024), in which students from the schools are able to follow modules in the following programmes:

International trade and marketing (18 February-2 March 2024) Tullamore, Ireland, click here for more information

International work placement (20 November- 1 December 2023) Doetinchem, the Netherlands, click here for more information.

Website building in companies (4 March-17 March 2024) Doetinchem, the Netherlands, click here for more information.

Film Editing (18 February-2 March 2024) Carlow, Ireland, click here for more information.

Customer service (30 January- 13 February 2024), Kuopio, Finland click here for more information.